Friday, November 18, 2016

Who is JASON UNGER? -- ME-Publican Liquor and Alcohol Lobbyist, Chairs Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominations Commission

LOUCHE LIQUOR LOBBYIST LACKEY JASON UNGER, Tallahassee Republican/MePublican apparatchik, who represents corporations and government agencies (Tampa, Hollywood and Key West)(a controversial practice, which Speaker-elect Richard Corcoran calls "a disgrace" for governments to hire lobbyists), refuses to move November 28, 2016 meeting of the Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominations Commission to a public building.  They're meeting at his law firm HQ in Orlando, GrayRobinson, of which he is Managing Shareholder and Republican Lord of All He Surveys.  How gauche and louche.
The People's Business must be done in courthouses, not corporate law firm offices, cartel meetings or whorehouses.
(Art by Warren Celli, Copyright © 2016 Warren Cell, All Rights Reserved).


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1 comment:

Warren Celli said...

From sell out Pam Trump Bondi's web site; "Open Government - Frequently Asked Questions":

• What is the difference between the Sunshine Amendment and the Sunshine Law? The Sunshine Amendment was added to Florida's Constitution in 1976 and provides for full and public disclosure of the financial interests of all public officers, candidates and employees. The Sunshine Law provides for open meetings for governmental boards.

We need pictures of ALL of these turkeys; financial disclosure and financial interests...

This is the crooked piggy rich hammering on the rest of us!