Friday, November 25, 2016

"No right to a view?" Developer puppet GARY LARSON has no right to a job.

GARY LARSON says "you have no right to a view."  Perhaps.

But ethically challenged multinational corporations, kleptocrats and assorted sordid rich fat cats have no right to erect eyesores as part of their egotistical "Edifice Complex."  But they have allies in local governments, and as they say in East Tennessee, "They bear watchin'!"

GARY LARSON, controversial Building Director for the itty-bitty City of St. Augustine Beach, Florida, the other directed enemy of neighborhood rights, once infamously said that "you have no right to a view."

What a lousy administrator.

What a gauche louche lugubrious goober.

Given the chance to engage in desuetude (nonenforcement) benefitting greedy foreign-funded developers, lackey LARSON has never once betrayed his masters by promoting the public interest.

Today, the too-tall EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL is being built, obstructing neighbors' views and creating potential liability for the City.  It's a tribute to the persuasive power of KEY INTERNATIONAL, AKERMAN SENTERFITT and its Miami managing partner, NIESEN KASDKIN, former Miami Beach Mayor, and to the idiocy of City of St. Augustine Beach City Manager MAX ROYLE, who has no employment contract.  But the City Charter requires a 4/5 vote for this City Manager's removal (but not future ones).

GARY LARSON has no employment contract.

Federal investigators have questions about LARSON.  So do we.

It's time for them both to go.

AKERMAN SENTERFITT lawyer for Key International

ARDID FAMILY has been buying real estate in Spain and USA since 1970s

In violation of City Charter 2014 amendment on height limits, City of St. Augustine Beach satraps, ninnies and boobies allowed the ARDIDs to build a too-tall hotel here.  Now under construction.  In their righteous wrath, St. Augustine Beach voters November 8, 2016 booted out Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS a/k/a "CUPCAKE," the meanest Commissioner in the City.

AKERMAN has 50,000 square feet at 666 Fifth Avenue
Pure poetry.
Pro malo corporate law firm AKERMAN SENTERFITT, a/k/a "AKERMAN," which does minimal pro bono work, reminds me of the law firm in the movie, "The Devil's Advocate."

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