Monday, January 23, 2017

City Estimates 2000+ At "Unity and Community" March January 21, 2017 in St. Augustine

Responding to false allegations from Vice Mayor TODD DAVID NEVILLE about closing the Bridge of Lions for the Unity and Community March January 21, 2017 in St. Augustine, City Public Affairs Director Paul Williamson estimated 2000 people attended and marched across the historic Bridge of Lions. The turnout was ten times the 200 that was anticipated by both sponsors and the CIty.

The discussion took place in Commissioner's comments, at the end of the January 23, 2017 St. Augustine City Commission meeting.

"ODD TODD" NEVILLE (R-Proctorville) sounded vaguely threatening toward City staff when he cited complaints about closing the Bridge. That never happened. (Perhaps Flagler College Chancellor WILLIAM PROCTOR complained to NEVILLE, or NEVILLE exaggerated what he'd seen or heard from local Repubulicans or members of the Koo Koo Klan (sorry for any redundancy)

What wonderful news about the turnout in a small town of 14,000. One in seven local residents walked across that historic Bridge, supporting truth, justice and the American way. That's four times as many people as attended large KKK rallies at the Slave Market a/k/a Plaza de la Constitucion in 1964.

You see, St. Augustine is not unlike the blueberry in the middle of a cup of tomato soup (Republican St. Johns County).

The majority voting in two of five precincts in St. Augustine, along with Hastings, rejected Donald Trump.

And cool people keep moving to St. Augustine all the time.

We reject fear and ignorance -- and fear of ignorance.

Three cheers for St. Augustine.

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