Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump Inauguration Drew Smaller Crowds than for President Barack Obama: Inauguration Pics, 2009 vs. 2017

Misguided, Republican-owned, Trump supporting St. Augustine Record did not run these photos:


Warren Celli said...

Yes, and the never covered BOYCOTT movement grew!

Trump is a NO mandate loser at about 28% of all eligible voters. This graphic needs to be updated... the story is essentially the same except for the increase in BOYCOTT voters...

Anonymous said...

What idiot would join a boycott vote movement? Duh...defeats the entire purpose of votingm...reminds me of a stupid friend in high school...guy would get peeved then not voice his opinion or request like a little child him real far ..hahaha always being subjected to what others wanted because he refused to talk...I even remember driving him..he got mad about something and wouldn't tell me where he wanted to go...ok...fine and dandy..i just drove him about 5 miles out of town and booted him out of the car...idiot!

Boycott vote movement...hahahaha....fools...uuuh good job, we have scary Trump.