Wednesday, January 18, 2017

UCLA Forensic Psychiatrist Calls Out Deputy Jeremy Banks for Murder of Michelle O'Connell (Historic City News)

Forensic psychiatrist calls Jeremy Banks trigger man in murder


In the nationally syndicated radio program “Dr. Carole’s Couch”, heard worldwide on VoiceAmerica Internet Talk Radio, Board Certified Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, MD, MPH, looks at the evidence collected in the death of Michelle O’Connell and offers her forensic timeline based on a review of the 9-1-1 call from Deputy Jeremy Banks, crime scene photographs, an investigator’s report, and a review of the PBS FRONTLINE episode chronicling the case.
Dr. Carole, a member of the Clinical Faculty of UCLA and recognized as a California Medical Board Expert, has been a consultant to Congress and media, and has testified in numerous high profile cases including the Terri Schiavo appeal in Florida, the domestic violence case; Nevada v. Floyd Mayweather, and the Jenny Jones Talk Show Murder Trial; People v. Jonathan Schmitz.
“A big cover up is happening,” Dr. Lieberman says in her January 10th broadcast. “For all of these years, the St Augustine Florida sheriff’s department has been covering up the fact that it was one of their deputies, Jeremy Banks, who actually murdered her.
In this week’s program, January 17th, Dr. Carole includes Patty O’Connell (Michelle’s mother), former deputy sheriff Debra Maynard (who responded to the crime scene on September 2, 2010) and Florida Licensed Private Investigator Clu Wright, who has been digging through mountains of records obtained during his pro bono research into the death of 24-year-old Michelle O’Connell.
While Jeremy Banks reported the supposed suicide of his live-in girlfriend and then sat idly by in the bathroom doorway, holding a telephone instead of administering lifesaving CPR, Michelle was still breathing, according to Debra Maynard who says she was terminated after she refused to change her account of the events she witnessed at the crime scene.
Follow the links below to free full-length audio clips of the relevant portions of both programs, or download a copy for yourself. The files are rather large; the January 10th episode is 13-minutes long and is 31.3MB large, and the January 17th episode is 53-minutes long and is 123MB large. Either can be played directly from our Dropbox without having to download the file.

January 10, 2017

Excerpt giving a preview of the upcoming broadcast

January 17, 2017

Full program dedicated to the Michelle O’Connell investigation

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Warren Celli said...

Justice delayed (this has been going on for over SIX effing years now!) IS NO JUSTICE AT ALL!

If you want justice you need to focus on the real 'perps', the Saint Augustine Merchants that fund the crooked system of THEIR butt boy law enforcement that gave them the keys to gang rape the city and allow the corrupt handling of the Jeremy Banks case. Run the crooked Sheriff's political supporters list over and over again and get out and protest. Make the collusion case as outlined in the Saint Aug Dog and use it as a hand out, not in front of city hall, that is where they want you to be and it is a waste of time as the merchant real 'perps' feel no pain, but instead protest right on Saint George and Hypolita Streets with a sit in BOYCOTT! If Martin Luther King were alive today and spearheading this issue that is right where he would be.

The hand out should include the demand also spelled out in this page of the Saint Aug Dog.

Justice For Michelle!
Crooked City!
Crooked Cops!
Don't Buy!
In Greedy Shops!

Do not get sidetracked by other issues that will water down the effort, however, enlist the beach market vendors as this cause is their cause. They are being eliminated by the same corrupt 'law enforcement' forces. Justice for Michelle will send a strong signal to the gangsters and save their farmers market.