Wednesday, January 25, 2017

St. Augustine Police posting from ELKTON?

Odd to see a Facebook post from SAPD posted from rural Elkton:

All of St. John's County, to include the City of St. Augustine is now under a tornado watch until 8 pm tonight. Please follow the weather services locally. Our local EOC is also posting on Twitter with up to date information. Stay safe #staugpd #citystaug

Then again, perhaps the poster lives there, despite the City Charter Laws stating:

  • Sec. 2.03. - Members and city officers to be residents and electors; city manager excepted; number of offices which may be held.
    Members of the commission and officers of the City of St. Augustine, except the city manager, shall be residents of the city, and the members of the commission shall have the qualifications of electors therein. Officers and employees may hold more than one office or be employed in more than one department of the city; provided, however, that members of the city commission shall not be eligible for appointment to any municipal office, or as the head of any department of the city; and provided, further, that no official, departmental head or employee shall be interested in any contract of which he may have the letting, or the supervision of work done under the same, and any such contract in which any officer or employee may become interested shall be declared void by the city commission.
    Employees of the city shall live within St. Johns County.
    (Laws of Fla. (1925) ch. 11148, § 12; Laws of Fla. (1929) ch. 14375, § 3; Laws of Fla. (1955) ch. 31220, § 1)

    Elkton, Florida

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Elkton is an unincorporated community in St. Johns County, Florida. It is located at the intersection of State Road 207 and County Road 305. The most prominent landmark is the Post Office, which delivers mail to the rural southwest section of the county.



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    QUERY:  Does anyone in the St. Augustine City Hall care enough to inquire whether the high number of City employees living outside City limits has anything to do with the gentrification Commissioners have encouraged, or the lack of affordable housing, or the lack of a Living Wage ordinance?

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Anonymous said...

that excerpt clearly doesn't mean police officer, but members such as city manager, and attorney. Has being disbarred so long caused you to lose your ability to read?

John R said...

This does raise a couple of interesting thoughts.

So a police officer is required to live within city limits, but is it necessarily a police officer updating social media? Or could it be an administrative assistant, a member of PR staff, etc? I have no idea what the rules are regarding police department communications.

I'm also not sure how to check if this post was explicitly tagged as being in Elkton or if Facebook automatically tagged it. If the user confirmed with Facebook that they're in Elkton that's one thing, but most auto-geotagging systems rely on databases that aren't very reliable. If this was auto-geotagged it could be that the geotagging database is incorrect. The only thing you can say with 100% certainty is what country an IP address is allocated to.

For example, if the physical location for an IP address is unknown, most databases pick a latitude and longitude right in the middle of the country, along with a flag that says "we don't actually know where this is." Most people ignore that flag, and there's this farmhouse in Kansas that gets nasty phone calls, visited by the FBI, and so on, because of this.

All that to say, it's entirely possible that post isn't from Elkton at all.

Ed Slavin said...

St. Augustine Assistant City Manager TIMOTHY BURCHFIELD lives in Elkton, with his girlfriend, who is Police Chief's secretary.

To first commenter: No, it's not "clear" at all that the term "officers" excludes actual "officers." What bizarre statutory construction course did you take, if any?

What makes the haughty hateful hubristic first commenter say otherwise? Is she the City Attorney? Or just a lout?

Ever read the City Code? Ever look at definitions? Our maladroit City Attorneys have left a mess for Commissioners.

Cleaning up the mess in City Hall, including outdated ordinances, resembles one of the Twelve Labors of Hercules in the ancient Greek myth, to wit, cleaning the Augean stables.