Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SUSPENDED: Architect of Illegally Closed Universal Primaries Loses License

Recidivist ROBERT THORNTON SMITH, a/k/a "GOP Bob" -- who recruited the five (5) shills who filed as bogus "write-in" candidates and intentionally closed four (4) universal primaries in violation of Florida's Constitution -- has been SUSPENDED from driving by the State of Florida for not paying the $136 fine and fee associated with his being convicted of driving with an expired driver's tag.

Evidently, none of the high-rollers, one-percenters, bigots, ninnies, boobies and Neanderthals in St. Johns County cared enough about "GOP Bob" to pay his fine or fix his case.

It's a bad season for dull Republicans and arachnid apparatchicks, with Sheriff DAVID SHOAR recently exposed for nepotism (hiring Deputy JEREMY BANKS' stepfather, LAWRENCE DIXON, as a deputy, and another expert weighing in on the homicide of MICHELLE O'CONNELL in Deputy BANKS' home on September 2, 2010.

As my mother would say, "Time wounds all heels."

Here's the documentation:

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