Monday, January 23, 2017


The grieving mother of Michelle O'Connell recently wrote Governor Scott, without response. Wonder why?

Dear Governor Scott: 
Your Secretary for Public Media made a statement regarding the Investigation of Michelle O'Connell's Exhumation. Govenor Scott is sorry for your loss. 
I expect much more from you. 
I expect you will stop denying justice to a person who was very very important. 
Dr Anderson performed the autopsy without fee. He states in his report, this is a HOMICIDE. 
Dr Hobin never mentions the fractured jaw of Michelle O'Connell. 
The one xray taken Clearly Shows a Fractured Jaw
Why are you allowing this Injustice? 
I belong to a Very Devoted Bible Study, A Community of Believers In Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone in this Community expects You, Governor Scott, to take Matters Into Your Hands and bring Justice for Michelle O'Connell. 
This email has been copied and sent out to everyone devoted to the Justice For Michelle O'Connell. 
Patricia O'Connell 

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Warren Celli said...

Writing to the slime ball piece of human crap state alcohol and tobacco cartel drug lord governor is like writing to Santa... a waste of time...

You need to speak to him and his gangster business community that anointed him in the only language they respond to — the ka-ching of cash registers language.

If you want justice you need to focus on the real 'perps', the Saint Augustine Merchants that fund the crooked system of THEIR butt boy law enforcement that gave them the keys to gang rape the city. Run the crooked Sheriff's political supporters list over and over again and get out and protest. Make the collusion case as outlined in the Saint Aug Dog and use it as a hand out, not in front of city hall, that is where they want you to be and it is a waste of time as the merchant real 'perps' feel no pain, but instead protest right on Saint George and Hypolita Streets with a sit in BOYCOTT! If Martin Luther King were alive today and spearheading this issue that is right where he would be.

The hand out should include the demand also spelled out in this page of the Saint Aug Dog.

Justice For Michelle!
Crooked City!
Crooked Cops!
Don't Buy!
In Greedy Shops!

Do not get sidetracked by other issues that will water down the effort, however, enlist the beach market vendors as this cause is their cause. They are being eliminated by the same corrupt forces. Justice for Michelle will send a strong signal to the gangsters and save their farmers market.