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On January 10, 2017, SAX TAXI, Inc. dissolved, filing with the Florida Secretary of State that it had ceased doing business.
SAX was the firm opened by JAMES HOWARD, who planned on acquiring a monopoly in the market for taxis in St. Augustine. SAX and HOWARD enlisted ST. JOHNS LAW GROUP, lawyers DOUGLAS NELSON BURNETT and JAMES GEORGE WHITEHOUSE to draft legislation, a proposed ordinance for the City of St. Augustine that would have erased competitors' rights by banning cabs over ten years old ore with more than 200,000 miles.
We, the People, spoke out.
We stopped their scheme, long pushed by Commissioner LEANNA SOPHIA AMARU FREEMAN.
Commissioners voted for inspections, but against proposed anti-competitive rules that would violate antitrust laws.
Now SAX is gone.
SAX was incorporated October 29, 2014.
SAX had fifteen cabs on the road.
SAX provided shuttle bus service for the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association concerts.
SAX was a sponsor of St. Augustine Beach Civic Association events.
But SAX's January 10, 2017 dissolution filing claims it has never "commenced business."
SAX also claims it owes "no debt" -- BUT that's not what some former drivers are saying.
SAX claims it has already distributed "the net assets" of the corporation to its shareholders.
SAX filed the voluntary dissolution on January 10, 2017 pursuant to Florida law that states:
607.1401 Dissolution by incorporators or directors.A majority of the incorporators or directors of a corporation that has not issued shares or has not commenced business may dissolve the corporation by delivering to the Department of State for filing articles of dissolution that set forth:
(1) The name of the corporation;
(2) The date of filing of its articles of incorporation;
(3) Either:
(a) That none of the corporation’s shares have been issued, or
(b) That the corporation has not commenced business;
(4) That no debt of the corporation remains unpaid;
(5) That the net assets of the corporation remaining after winding up have been distributed to the shareholders, if shares were issued; and
(6) That a majority of the incorporators or directors authorized the dissolution.

History.s. 121, ch. 89-154
What do you reckon?
SAX's Facebook page is not working.
SAX's telephone is answered with a recording stating the call will be tape recorded, but no one speaks.
SAX's website states:

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