Saturday, January 21, 2017

George Gardner's St. Augustine Report: Come Ask Questions About Mobility Report Monday

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Come hear and dialogue on the "mobility" report, Monday January 23, 2017, 5 pm, Fullerwood School (last City Commission meeting in temporary location due to City Hall damage in Hurricane Matthew, exacerbated by lax management of building).

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   Published by former Mayor George Gardner              January 21 2017
The Report is an independent publication serving our community

Mobility Plan Phase One
goes to commission Monday

     Mobility summaryThe City Of St. Augustine is suffering from diminished mobility as it lacks a coordinated system of transportation options.
   Status Quo auto-dependency has undermined the character and livability of our nation's oldest City. particularly within the historic downtown. 
   Improving mobility within and around St. Augustine requires a fundamental paradigm shift which provides viable multi-modal transportation options including pedestrian, wheelchair, bicycle and transit alternatives to the personal automobile. 
Introduction to Littlejohn presentation on Mobility Framework
   Original scheduled for October, the consultant Littlejohn and Associates Phase One Mobility Framework Plan goes before the City Commission Monday, along with city staff's "recommended direction to define and implement a Mobility Strategic Action Plan."
   Littlejohn will describe goals of two phases, with a plan to present the final framework to the commission in October.
   Phase One - Divide problem into components, properly identity the problem, and analyze the root cause using a systematic and data-driven approach
   Phase Two - Verify root cause(s) through additional analyses, identify and evaluate alternatives, and develop and implement a plan. 

1 comment:

Warren Celli said...

"Democracy is not a spectator sport."

Democracy? Where's the democracy? All I see is Crumbunism and Pretendunism.


"The fairy tale is 'Representative Democracy' — the harsh reality is 'Crumbunism' that manifests in 'Pretendunism'."
"The City Of St. Augustine is suffering from diminished mobility as it lacks a coordinated system of transportation options."

The city of Saint Augustine is suffering from a gangster hi-jacking that has tyrannically suppressed the mobility of its people. The city lacks a coordinated system of integrity. We do not need a plan to get from one fabric of society destroying state roadside alcohol and tobacco cartel drug dealing joint to the next. We need to get some honest dialog to get the death dealing state drug dealers and their crooked cops out of town. More important; we need a menticide minder!

We have a fascist in the white house now. Yes, a Noble Lying divisive Hitler posing as a god fearing Christian. Don the Con!

The Noble Lie, the corporate structure, and control of finance and banking are your real targets! Prioritize or perish! Now! 2017 — the grave yards are beckoning.

Skip the retread George Gardner diversionary and deflective baloneyspeak.