Monday, February 13, 2017

Breathless Live Online St. Augustine Record Coverage of Morris President Derek May's Ping Pong Tournament, But Where's the Investigative Reporting?

(Derek May at 1989 Louisiana Open ping pong tournament)

MORRIS COMMUNICATIONS PRESIDENT DEREK MAY, former St. Augustine Record Publisher, married into the MORRIS family.
DEREK MAY is a ping pong player, one of the "top choppers" in America.  He was on the national team, and there's a table tennis racket named for him.
Breathless table tennis coverage in the Record for years: this year, it included live video of a local tournament on Saturday, February 11th.
And dozens of still photos on the website, covering both youth and adult table tennis.
Stultifyingly dull.
Gag me with a spoon.
Now that we know the St. Augustine Record has the technology, we expect it to use it. 
For something people care about.
To cover news.  
To shed light on corrupt and unaccountable institutions and officials, like corrupt Sheriff DAVID SHOAR.  The wretched Record's then-Editor, KATHY NELSON, insulted three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Walt Bogdanich of The New York Times in 2013 for covering the Michelle O'Connell case without fear or favor, and for not "making friends" with rebarbative reprobate Republican Sheriff SHOAR, whose name was legally changed from "HOAR" in 1994.  While NELSON was fired, her overt acts of age discrimination still affect the mood of the newsroom.
During 2.5 days in May, 2016, the Record ignored County Administrator MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK's secretive budget meeting, held without live video.  Jeffrey Marcus Gray graciously provided live streaming video coverage.  WANCHICK responded by having six deputies there.  We were not intimidated, and asked questions about the County's warped priorities.
Next time, we expect the Record to have live video when WANCHICK pulls a fast one. 

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