Friday, February 24, 2017

Pro-Trump Rally at Castillo, Noon on Monday, February 27, 2017: KKK Hoods and Robes Optional, But Bring Your Corrupt, Your Tiresome, Your Bigots and Fraidycats

Pray for these certified misguided fools.  No doubt racist sexist misogynist homophobes will be speaking and emitting hate speech, including fired REC member ROBERT THORNTON SMITH, alleged peculator of REC funds, who contrived the unconstitutional closure of four county-wide universal primaries by recruiting five sham write-in candidates; Anastasia Mosquito Control Commission of St. Johns County GARY HOWELL, a/k/a "Fifth Amendment" Howell; St. Johns County Republican Chair WILLIAM KORACH, haughty hater; dangerous KKK sympathizer DOUGLAS RUSSO; Recording Secretary ERIC WEST, who allegedly battered a disabled senior citizen who was a candidate for office; and Greater St. Augustine Republican Club Chair MARTIN MILLER, who on June 13, 2016 called KRIS PHILLIPS' hate radio station and stated 49 Gay people murdered in Orlando "got what they deserved."

UPDATE: You can buy Russian flags for the event at World of Flags, 138A St. George Street.  At the CPAC event on February 24, 2017, two enterprising young anti-Trump students handed out Russian flags with the word "TRUMP" in the middle, which were promptly confiscated by humorless guards.

Four-time political candidate Rev. RON STAFFORD, an African-American and retired FDLE employee, will allegedly give the invocation for these rebarbative racist Republicans.  Say it ain't so, Rev.!  Efforts to reach Rev. STAFFORD were initially unavailing -- the phone listed for him has a full voicemail box and the phone for his church is disconnected.  UPDATE: In an exchange of Facebook messages, I asked Rev. STAFFORD to "please pray for wisdom, tolerance, equality and equity" and he agreed to do so.

"Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it."

For a good time, drive by the Castillo.  Celebrate democracy -- ME-Publicans' right to engage in protected activity are First Amendment rights. Do take photos of the ninnies, boobies, crackpots and Philistines who comprise our St. Johns County ME-publican party, as lugubrious a bunch of goobers who ever made a chair squeak, led by sadistic St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, whose name was "HOAR" until 1994, and whose internationally infamous coverup of the September 2, 2010 murder of Michelle O'Connell is well-documented and is continuing.


MARTIN MILLER, Greater St. Augustine Republican Chair: 49 murdered Orlando Gays 
"got what they deserved"

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