Monday, February 20, 2017

TBT: Tampa has one of the worst public transit systems in America, but St. Augustine and St. Johns County's System Is Far Worse

Among the largest American cities, Tampa has one of the worst public transit systems in America, with workers spending hours to commute to jobs they could drive to in 20 minutes if they owned a car.  CLICK HERE.

St. Johns County has a really poor public transportation system but the failing St. Augustine Record refuses to cover the story.  

Our miserable excuse for a transit system is run by the Council on Aging, with a million dollars in federal and county funds a year, and a system that doesn't run on Sunday, has only five or six busses a day, does not run on time, and is incapable of getting workers to jobs reliably.

Thanks to longtime COA President JOE BOLES, dishonest, disgraced, defeated, erstwhile ex-Mayor of St. Augustine, for this pitiful transit system that ill-serves our residents who don't own or drive cars.


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Anonymous said...

A couple of your observations are wrong. During service times 8 buses are running. Red, green, blue, orange, purple, teal, and 2 connector buses. Times are Mon thru Sat, 5:30 to around 8:00. Reliability is actually very high. Special events, accidents, Bridge of Lions, and breakdowns are main causes of being off schedule. You need to get your facts straight. We can agree the system should be expanded and hopefully will soon. The city and Beach contribute little to nothing to run it. County, state and feds fund it.