Tuesday, February 28, 2017

St. Augustine, Closed Minds Behind a Closed Door -- Why?

Before City Commission meetings and during breaks, one once was able to get a bottle of water, a cookie or a cup of coffee from the anteroom behind the Alcazar Room.  Then, in the last year of corrupt Mayor JOE BOLES, City workers installed a wooden door and wooden bar between we commoners and our five exalted Commissioners.
Before City Commission meetings and during breaks, the door to the anteroom was once left open, a sign of openness.  Now, that door is always closed.  It has been ever since the August 2015 DOW PUD fiasco.
This stinks.  
What do St. Augustine City Commissioners have to hide?
When I asked City Public Works Director why the door is closed, she said, "I guess they want their privacy."
City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E. is a control freak.
REGAN denies Sunshine violations.
The gentleman doth protest too much
This closed door reflects closed minds, people who don't pay attention during public comment, don't take notes, don't ask sufficient followup questions, and are letting REGAN lead them around by their proboscis.
This is Florida, with the strongest Sunshine law in the Nation.
Leave the door open, Commissioners.
You don't have a right to privacy when you're in a room with fellow Commissioners.
Circa 1978-9, an enterprising newspaper reporter from Scripps-Howard heard about a meeting involving a U.S. Senator from Tennessee.  So he waltzed right into the meeting and sat down and took notes.
Perhaps I will do that at the March 13, 2017 City Commission meeting.
Let the Sunshine in, Commissioners.
Don't ever slam the door in our faces again.
It's our door.
It's our government.
Leave the door open, please.
Thank you.

Inauguration of our beloved reform Mayor Nancy Shaver, December 1, 2014.
In violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E. ignored citizen requests and could not be bothered to put in enough chairs for her supporters, who are standing (rear).
When elders and disabled people come to too-crowded Commission meetings on devious developer projects, REGAN's  staff directors won't even give up their seats at the tables in the back.  Those tab les and cushy chairs were installed by REGAN's mentor , WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS, so he could remove 70 seats and discourage, chill and prevent public participation.
How gauche and louche.
We're on to your tricky works and pomps, Mr. REGAN -- and the whole world is watching our corrupt local governments and our mendacious political boss, former St. Augustine Police Chief DAVID SHOAR, who legally changed his surname from "HOAR" in 1994 and became St. Johns County Sheriff in 2004. SHOAR/HOAR is  still covering up the September 2, 2010 homicide of Michelle O'Connell in the home of St. Johns County Sheriff Deputy JEREMY BANKS.

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Warren Celli said...

Why you ask?

Because cockroaches flourish in darkness.

Keep shining the light of truth Ed.

"We are the elite and we decide,
The laws for you that you must abide,
Who gets to sing and dance and vie,
Who gets to live and who gets to die."

Poem from the now world famous Havealay Street illustration on the Fountain of Baloney™ web site...