Friday, January 11, 2019


Should the City of St. Augustine:

  • spend $500,000 
  • for fee simple ownership of a wetland, 
  • for a park:
    • without knowing the elevation, and putting it on the Commission agenda:
    • without having a survey, 
    • without having a title search,
    • without researching Florida Forever funds,
    • without researching FEMA grants,
    • without considering eminent domain,
    • without considering a conservation easement, and
    • without due diligence?

The property in quo on Coquina Avenue has an elevation above sea level of 3 to 4.5 feet.  In ten years, sea level rise of 2 feet is projected. 

Is the City Manager ahead of his skis, ultra vires, expressing the City's interest in the property without a vote of City Commission?

IF the City is even interested, it must look to get the property:

  • cheap or free, or
  • by donation, or
  • with eminent domain, or 
  • with third party funding from: 
    • Northeast Florida Land Trust  
    • FEMA or 
    • "Florida Forever" grants -- which our neighboring City of St. Augustine Beach used to acquire two (2) parks.

Listen, read and learn Monday, January 14, 2019.

The land floods and will flood. 

It will soon be covered with water.

In ten years, the land will be underwater, suitable for a reflecting pool for all of us to use in reflecting on what some would demurely call our City's "mistakes" -- starting with Davis Shores being built on swamp and fill, 1920-date and decades of malign neglect and environmental racism toward Lincolnville and West Augustine.

Suitable for a memorial.  To the influence of Troy Blevins or reactivity of labile Commissioner Leanna Sophia Amaru Freeman?

What about naming rights?

How about the JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E. Reflecting Pool?  

Memo to City Manager and staff: We need data-based decisions, so that this is not another example of government waste in St. Augustine, Florida -- purchase of real estate at the behest of an influential person, like the stinky $229,000 NORBERT TUSEO MEMORIAL CAR WASH purchase, which could have been purchased for much less.

Our St. Augustine City Manager, JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E., is sadly ahead of his skis on this one, possibly being other-directed by Vice Mayor LEANNA SOPHIA AMARU FREEMAN, a family law attorney. She needs to drop the oyster and leave the wharf -- land acquisition, park and ocean level rise decisions must be based on data, not favoritism toward WFOY radio personality Troy Blevins and his desire to make a commission from City Commission through his real estate business. Enough flummery, dupery and nincompoopery. If we need the land, let's get it cheap or free. No more ripoffs like the $229,000 NORBERT TUSEO MEMORIAL CAR WASH, another "emergency" purchase. Do your due diligence. Now.

Here are my two related pending records requests:

-----Original Message-----
From: Ed Slavin
To: jregan ; nshaver ; mcullum ; dgalambos
Sent: Fri, Jan 11, 2019 2:10 pm
Subject: Request No. 2019-35: URGENT: Elevation and sea level rise map for 91-93 Coquina Avenue

Dear Mayor Shaver, Messrs. Regan, Cullum and Graham and Ms. Galambos:
Please send all City e-mails on the elevation and sea level rise map of 91-93 Coquina Avenue, including all elevation representations by the seller and agent.

Thank you.
With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Ed Slavin

-----Original Message-----
From: Ed Slavin
To: dgalambos ; jregan ; mcullum ; pwilliamson ; nshaver ; sgraham ; tgrant
Sent: Fri, Jan 11, 2019 4:01 pm
Subject: Request No 2019-36: URGENT re: 91-93 Coquina Avenue Data Quality Act Compliance (JOHN REGAN, P.E. REFLECTING POOL)

Good afternoon:
Please send me the 91-93 Coquina Avenue:

  1. Data Quality Act compliance documents, 
  2. peer review
  3. Army Corps of Engineers consultations, 
  4. cost-benefit analysis
  5. discussions of alternatives, including no action,
  6. environmental impact statements,
  7. business plan
  8. spreadsheets,
  9. ethics opinions, 
  10. legal opinions,
  11. appraisals, 
  12. planning documents,
  13. geotechnical reports,
  14. communications to and from Commissioners and residents,
  15. exploration of land donation instead of purchase,
  16. seller and agent background investigation, 
  17. research supporting the nation of spending City funds to buy land that will be inundated imminently, and
  18. ideas on naming rights (e.g, JOHN REGAN, P.E. REFLECTING POOL).

Thank you.
With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Ed Slavin

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