Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Arachnid apparatchik political hack JOE SAVIAK a/k/a "JOE SIXPACK" has dispensed a series of  Flagler College graduation cliches, including doozies from coverup artists Sheriff DAVID SHOAR and County Administrator MICHAEL WANCHICK.

December 10, 2016

Today is graduation. Our students come to us as successful working professionals and executives seeking to optimize their opportunities to best serve their organizations and communities and achieve personal and professional goals. Leadership is a major focus for us. 
So here's my graduation day counsel:
Best practices are important - being the best people we can be is most important. Professor Karl N Flagg
If solving a serious and complex problem required all major stakeholders to give up something and compromise to do it so none of them are 100% happy but the problem is now successfully solved for the community, that's probably a good compromise. Professor Henry Dean
Leadership comes down to two words: moral courage. Professor David Shoar
Technical competence can get you hired - relational competence is what keeps you in the job. Professor Michael Wanchick 
Good policy never flows from a bad process. There's a reason we want to have a good process in place when making major decisions. Professor Sid Ansbacher
Always keep learning and growing during your career. Professor Bobby Brantley
Our Founders understood that we must be very careful in the use of power - how is this affecting the rights of citizens must always lead the list of questions we ask ourselves before taking action. Professor Andy Brigham

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