Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SAB Spends $7400 on Three SWAT TEAM Vests; Does Not Have a SWAT TEAM

ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH POLICE CHIEF ROBERT HARDWICK asked for $7400 for three (3) bulletproof vests for a SWAT TEAM that SABPD does not have; he looked sheepish when I questioned it at the St. Augustine Beach Commission meeting last night, last meeting of the year.

The funds come from civil forfeitures and are used for AK-47 stopping bulletproof vests with ceramic liners, for some vague and unspecified work with the St. Johns County Sheriff, DAVID SHOAR.  HARDWICK was vague on details.

I pointed out that if St. Augustine Beach needs someone shot, they can call the St. Johns County Sheriff's Department SWAT Team, JEREMY BANKS, and DAVID SHOAR.  No verbal response from Commissioners or police.

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Warren Celli said...

Civil forfeitures equals cop gang theft of innocent people without conviction or filing charges — more proof that the 'good guys' are in reality the bad guys. Judging from the pictures they need to spend $7400 bucks on Weight Watchers.

It looks like more Rounds disease: