Monday, December 19, 2016


Seventh Circuit State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA, commenting to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune on racial inequality in criminal sentencing:

State Attorney R.J. Larizza said in an emailed statement that many factors must be considered in making a fair evaluation of sentences.

"It is disturbing (sic) and counterproductive (sic) to attack (sic) our sentencing practices based on flawed (sic) methodology," Larizza said. "The Judges and all (sic) participants in the sentencing process are good, hard-working people who strive daily to do the right thing."

How asinine.  What an unctuous, uncouth lout is our State's Attorney, R.J. LARIZZA.

No, RALPH, you're not a "good" person, or particularly "hard-working."  You're one of those beastly bumptious bumpkins -- a veritable basket of deplorables, a Confederacy of Dunces -- who covered up the September 2, 2010 shooting of Michelle O'Connell in the home of and with the weapon of her boyfriend, DEPUTY JEREMY BANKS.

State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA with St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR" at fete at Rod & Gun Club, longtime KKK hangout.


Warren Celli said...

More proof that the 'good guys' are in reality the bad guys. Plea bargaining, with its coercive "charge stacking", and prosecutor brownie point incentives to convict and fill the privatized prisons is pure unadulterated evil. The scam 'rule of law' has become a hate crime by the controlling rich and their wealth enforcement lackeys against the rest of us.

Justice for Michell O'Connell should be the priority issue in this community that all citizens rally behind as outlined in this issue of the Saint Aug Dog.

"The Power of One" will work. Ideas are like wedges, it is persistence that drives them home.

Patty O'Connell said...

Thank you Ed, Warren and all those who stand for Justice for All Mudered Victims of Officer Involved Domestic Violence.
RJLarizza you work for corruption you are hiding the Truth. Michelle O'Connell Homicide not forgotten her story is unforgetable.