Monday, November 27, 2017

"Loose pigs" story raises eyebrows, elicits puns about St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR

When truck wrecks occur, maladroit corporate hog news media seldom report the name of the trucking company.

Wonder why?

Newspapers own trucks and belong to the American Trucking Association.

No scrutiny.

No actual reporting.

Press releases from FHP.


Also, some wags wondered whether any putative reporter ever attempted to interview the pigs, or if any developer sent them contributions.

So far as we know, the "loose pigs" in quo do not play fast and loose with the truth.

These "loose pigs" apparently do not refuse to answer questions from reporters and elected officials, or coverup homicides by Sheriff's deputies, or act like loose cannons, or issue insulting press releases mocking a grieving family, or take campaign contributions from developers that manipulate and corrupt our governmental institutions, or fumble and bumble answers to questions, or refuse to provide a line item budget, or tolerate race and sex discrimination and harassment, or habitually violate constitutional rights, or consider moving to countries without extradition treaties.

(Photo: The New York Times)

Posted November 23, 2017 10:06 am
By Florida Times-Union
Pigs get loose after wreck on I-95 Thursday morning

Thanksgiving morning drivers are being warned to watch out for the possibility of escaped pigs on Interstate 95 near Crescent Beach following a crash between two trucks that let the livestock loose, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Two semi-tractor trailer trucks were traveling south on I-95 near the Florida 206 exit just before 4 a.m. when they collided, the Highway Patrol said. One of the trucks carrying the pigs veered off the right side of the highway and overturned onto its left side, spilling the livestock out onto the right shoulder. The second truck continued down the right side of the highway for about 1,000 feet and also partially rolled over.

No one was injured and all lanes are currently open after efforts to corral the pigs, the Highway Patrol said. But troopers warn that some of pigs may be wandering loose and drivers are asked to exercise caution due to rainy weather and the possibility of loose livestock.

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