Friday, November 17, 2017

Who is "Andy Strickland?" Posts pejoratives on St. Augustine Record re: NAACP First Amendment rights.

Posting hate speech on The St. Augustine Record's website, Republican St. Petersburg immigration lawyer Andy Strickland is talking trash about St. Augustine residents' right to First Amendment protected activity. Behold this St. Petersburg immigration lawyer's ranting rodomontade. Be not afraid to speak your truth Saturday night, November 18th at Nights of Lights "Lightup!"

A photo of Andy Strickland and Chief Justice Roberts of the US Supreme Court.

Andy Strickland · 
The radicals who hate America, our history, our founding, and our institutions always want to disrupt and destroy. We must always be vigilant and not succumb to their antics.
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Edward Adelbert Slavin · 
Andy Strickland: Inflammatory. Accusatory. Ad hominem. Assumes facts not in evidence. Non sequiturs. Divisive derision is no substitute for thoughtful reflection and discussion on our City's past. FB states you live in St. Petersburg. Is that the St. Petersburg in Florida or the one in Russia?
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Warren Celli said...

Not many people know the history of the "Nights of Lights".

This music video song (link below) gives some insights. It also reveals why our present Chief of Police, Bendy Barry Fox, got his present job. See if you can figure out why? Hint: It has to do with Free Speech.