GOP passage of the tax bill could give Sen. Bill Nelson a campaign talking point next year and he's already forming the argument.
"It's going to give a few nuggets to the middle class, but that's to mask the true intent," Nelson said Monday on the Senate floor. "The real purpose of the bill is to give huge tax cuts to multinational corporations and to make it easier for them to shift jobs overseas. That's the bottom line."
He explains in the video.

Said Nelson:
"It would be nice if our colleagues showed as much urgency for some of the other things that we should be doing in the Senate, such as providing millions of kids with health insurance through the CHIP program or helping folks recover from the massive hurricanes this year, including millions of people in Puerto Rico who are still without reliable electricity or drinking water or what about hundreds of thousands of kids in the U.S. that are here in a deportable status because they are the Dreamers. That's what we ought to be worrying about."