Saturday, December 09, 2017

SAB Commissioners Skeptical on $20,000 MORE For Conflicted ENGLAND THIMS & MILLER on Land Development Regulations (LDRs)

Is Northeast Florida Regional Council CEO BRIAN TEEPLE in breach of contract for work for the City of St. Augustine Beach?

Was it a conflict of interest for NEFRC to turn around and hire giant developer engineering firm ENGLAND, THIMS & MILLR for work on the Land Development regulations?

St. Augustine Beach City Attorney James Patrick Wilson didn't mince words.

 At the December 6, 2017 St. Augustine Bach CityCommission meeting, he said that work done on the City's land development regulations since 2014 by consultants was thus far a failure.

"I found the documents to be somewhat incomplete and full of mistakes and errors. It would take a lot of massaging to do it," Mr. Wilson said.

Commissioners were disinclined to give any more money to the Northeast Florida Regional Council, a government agency, and the developer engineering firm of ENGLAND, THIMS and MILLER.

"They were paid well to be here," Jim Wilson said.

And ETM delivered inferior work produt.

Commissioner Maggie Kostka quoted from the original contract. NEFRC and ETM have not yet done the required work and skipped City Commission meetings.

There is more work to be done. See tape here: (1:52:00 to 2:05:00)

NEFRC and ETM claim they've complied with the contract, City Attorney Wilson said.

"They were well paid to be here. I don't know how they accounted for their hours.... I'm not a big fan of consultants... whose work sits o book shelves."

"We can do this. I know we can," said Commissioner Margaret England.

Watchdog Tom Reynolds said, "These people are trying to jack us $20,000. I don't want to negotiate with them. I want to send the a letter.... Thank God Commissioner Kostka got elected. You don't miss a trick.... One of the best rookie years" of any public officials he's ever seen. Mr. Reynolds then suggested that PRISCILLA "RACHAEL" BENNETT be involved. "She knows it," he said of the disgraced developer puppet. Brian Teeple "owes us money," and he was "never impressed" with Linday Haga.

I agreed with Mr. Reynolds and said that Commissioner Kostka is "wiser than a tree of owls." It's a "breach of contract," I said. It's a "breach of contract," I said.

Never again should a government sign a jury trial waiver, as former City Attorney DOUGLAS NELSON BURNETT did with NEFRC and ETM.

ETM's website says: "ETM has an extensive history of providing professional services for all traditional land development sectors, including commercial, retail, industrial and residential as well as non-traditional sectors such as lifestyle centers and dense mixed-use urban redevelopment."

ETM works for every single tree-killing wetland destroying carpetbagging developer in Florida."

SAB paid $42,000 for a "pig in a polk, errors and omissions and flabby thinking," I said.

"Your public comment procedures stink on ice," I told Mayor O'BRIEN. I suggested "actual law professors, people wnho don't have a got in the race," to vet the LDRs. "The best experts are cheap or free."

Delays have allowed Mayor RICHARD O'BRIEN to build his two McMansions on F Street while the LDRs are in limbo.

Newly-appointed Commissioner Don Samora asked for a "timeframe" to be presented at the January 6, 2017 9 AM meeting.

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