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SAB CITY "MANAGER" MAX ROYLE's MANIPULATIONS re: Monday night, 12/4/17 Vote on Filling St. Augustine Beach City Commission Vacancy

Longtime St. Augustine Beach City "Manager" BRUCE MAX ROYLE is trying to save his job.

One in every 398 St. Augustine Beach registered voters wants to be considered for City Commission.
How cool is that?

Fourteen (14) candidates have filed for consideration to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Commissioner Sherman Gary Snodgrass.  The new Commissioner elected or appointed on December 4, 2017 could join three other Commissioners and vote to fire ROYLE.  The St. Augustine Beach City Charter requires a supermajority, or four of five Commissioners, to fire ROYLE (but not future City Managers, and not any other employee)!  "Believe it or not!"®

In the wake of a sexual harassment coverup, misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance, ROYLE is scrambling.  The normally somnambulistic satrap is throwing elbows and disinformation.  Like an escaping octopus, ROYLE is squirting ink in our faces.

In an effort to stave off his own retirement or firing, did BRUCE MAX ROYLE:

1. Attempt to excuse an incomplete, non-responsive application from favored candidate David Ashley Bradfield?  Bradfield told people that "the Commission" asked him to apply but submitted an incomplete application.  But Bradfield filed NO letter of intent explaining his interest in the job.  Bradfield attended the November 6 meeting where Snodgrass resigned.  Days later, Bradfield went on vacation to one of his homes in Costa Rica.  The City explains that Bradfield had lawyer Jane West, PZB Chair, file a handwritten note.  But there was no letter of intent explaining his interest in the job.  Ms. West's one-sentence handwritten note attached Bradfield's firm resume (for Design Build Logistics LLC, a company whose corporate charter expired in 2010 for nonpayment of fees, but is still listed on Bradfield's LinkedIn profile).   The City's website required "a letter of interest stating why they want to serve on the Commission."  Bradfield didn't write one.

2. Fail to require candidates file Financial Disclosure (Form 1, as candidate Rose Bailey and every Commission candidate does by F.S. 112)?

3. Fail to require candidates fill out the same City form required of board applicants?

4. Fail to obtain Commission consent or consensus, e.g., on the deadline and job requirements, failing to bring it up again on November 7?

5. Fail to bring up the issue of post-Commission lobbying? (There's a loophole Commissioners could fill -- State Ethics Commission considers people "appointed" to City Commission not "elected," hence won't enforce F.S 112 restrictions on post-Commission lobbying of appointees.

6. Attempt to deny public comment?  Commissioner Maggie Kostka and City Attorney James Patrick Wilson agree that public comment is required under F.S. 286, as it was in 2016, when Mr. Wilson was hired, and (full disclosure) I supported him publicly).

7. Praise and encourage writing of a "well-written" editorial by Jim Sutton, noisomely attacking "Manager" ROYLE's two (2) biggest critics among the fourteen (14) applicants?  The editorial's sniping attacks on Ms. Bailey and Mr. Reynolds -- the only applicants are named -- are in pari delicto with ROYLE's habitual resentment of activists, stiffing of Open Records requesters and wrongful attempts to charge fees.

8.  Patronize the four current St. Augustine Beach Commissioners, talking down to them as if they were mindless mental midgets?  ROYLE actually submitted St. Augustine Record Opinion Editor Jim Sutton's two questions to Commissioners and showed his arrogance and"Amateur Hour" status by sending a December 1, 2017 e-mail to Commissioners, stating inter alia:

-------- Original message --------
From: Beverly Raddatz
Date: 12/1/17 7:43 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: Comm England , Comm George , Comm O'Brien , Comm Kostka
Subject: FW: Questions for Commission Candidates

Mayor and Commissioners:

There are no set list of questions for you to ask each candidate for the Interim Commissioner position. However, here are some suggestions that might be helpful and might stimulate other questions from each of you.

In the November 28th edition of The Record there was a well-written editorial by Jim Sutton about your search for an Interim Commissioner. In case you missed it, here are two questions that Jim suggested you might ask each candidate: 1. What makes you qualified to lead this City? 2. Why do you want to serve as the Interim Commissioner?
In the memo that I wrote for your meeting, I suggested three questions, one of which is similar to #2 above. The other questions are: 1. Will you be available to attend all Commission meetings—regular, special and workshop—during your term as Interim Commissioner? Or that question could be worded differently: Is there any reason that will prevent you for attending all Commission meetings during your term as Interim Commissioner? 2. What do you think is the single, most significant problem facing the City, what solution do you propose to correct the problem and how would you work with the Commission to implement that solution? If the solution involves spending money, how do you propose the City pay for the solution?

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