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In September, Dr. JAMES GRIMES, M.D. et ux destroyed a dune after Hurricane Irma, a possible environmental crime investigated by the police and environmental regulators.  On December 6, DR. GRIMES asked City of St. Augustine Beach Commissioners to join in his demand for a retroactive permit.

The City Commissioners said NO WAY.

On December 6, 2017, he was turned down by St. Augustine Beach City Commissioners, led by Mayor-elect UNDINE PAWLOWSKI GEORGE, who said "I have zero appetite" for supporting an after-the-fact permit for a "free walkway," while reducing the dune height by another four feet, with "no science," just a one page document, no agreement by neighbors (or "buy-in") for an alley walkover only 150 feet from the next walkover, and no consultation with the County Engineer. "We don't need to stab them in the back," she said.

Mayor-elect GEORGE and Vice Mayor-elect MARGARET ENGLAND noted there were "no plans." Commissioners Margaret England, Maggie Kostka and Donald Samora agreed there was "no application" and "nothing to vote on."

"Sir, our number one priority is beach renourishment," Mayor-elect GEORGE said.  Nothing should be done that would risk U.S. Army Corps of Engineers support for renourishment for GRIMES' view.

Bruce Wright said, "leave the dunes alone," noting that "you're not even supposed to walk on them," while condemning GRIMES' "backhoe activity."

Ann Palmquist took offense at PARTEL's condemning "nature's creation" as "monstrous" and to GRIMES having "no remorse."

GRIMES then spoke to his alleged environmental crimes -- the 2 Twelfth Lane controversy -- demurely claiming there was "a lack of clarity about aha happened," saying "I wasn't there."  Leon's Tractor Service, "good-ole-boys" did the work, but GRIMES was not present.   GRIMES claims "there was no intent."  GRIMES claimed the SABPD and FDEP said, "Hmm.  Okay."

That bizarre claim is flatly contradicted by SABPD and FDEP paperwork. What a liar.

GRIMES never returned my telephone calls after the SABPD and FDEP investigated.  Coward?

Watch video here starting at 57:00 to  1:51:45.

I wanted to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Thanks to St. Augustine Beach City Commissioners for their decisiveness, roundly rejecting the invitation of dastardly dune-destroying Dr. JAMES GRIMES, rejecting his demand to join with him in his application for a retroactive permit. GRIMES' crimes against nature have "zero" support here.

Flagler Hospital Chief of Medicine Dr. JAMES GRIMES, M.D. was unsworn, unapologetic, uncaring and uncandid.  So was GRIMES' consultant.

DR. GRIMES' oleaginous Coastal Consultants mouthpiece, former FDEP employee, KEVIN PARTEL, bragged of FDEP agreeing to the permit verbally (without evidence), as he actually attacked the dune as a "monstrous obnoxious dune," saying "there was no beach there" until 1988.  PARTEL said he and GRIMES wanted to provide the City with an unneeded "walkover" on a small lane where none is needed "out of the kindness of our hearts."  I coughed (or laughed).

Only dune-destroying Mayor RICHARD BURTT O'BRIEN wanted to help Dr. GRIMES, but PARTEL admitted that O'BRIEN is a client of PARTEL.  I told O'BRIEN he would have to recuse himself.  F.S. 112.313.

KEVIN PARTEL (rhymes with "cartel') publicly bragged to O'BRIEN that he'd been working "at your house for years."

PARTEL previously spoke to City Commissioners in 2015, called in by then-Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS (R-Key International), to speak about storm-proofing and the too-tall Embassy Suites Hotel.  Rather than call FDEP for a speaker, SAMUELS called PARTEL.  Why?

Note to DR. GRIMES:  The "monstrous obnoxious dune" was created by nature.  It shelters wildlife, it is legally protected and it protects homes and businesses from flooding in hurricanes and Nor'easters.

DR. GRIMES' alleged environmental crime, like Mayor O'BRIEN's alleged environmental crime, was "monstrous and obnoxious."

DR. GRIMES and KEVIN PARTEL, his pompous consultant deserve to be rejected by FDEP.  FDEP needs to investigate PARTEL's bragging about he "pushes through permits" at FDEP and USACE, claiming he spoke in Tallahassee with Tony McNeal of FDEP, overstating his case by implying inside influence and implying his expected approval -- yet wheedling for nearly an hour in an attempt to make the City a "co-applicant."

You can reach Coastal Construction Control Line Program Administrator Tony McNeal, P.E. at 850-245-7665 (direct dial)(Florida P.E. license no. 48886, state employee since 11/05/1984, annual salary $75,976.56).

I compared DR. GRIMES to the kid who kills his parents and throws himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan -- this shameless sawbones radiates chutzpa.  GRIMES said he was not present when the backhoe did its damage.

GRIMES' wife was apparently there when the damage was done, based on FDEP and news reports).   GRIMES was having a knee replacement (out of town -- wonder why?  What does he know.)

PZB Chair Jane West, an environmental attorney, was nowhere to be seen, having attended City Commission meetings two nights in a row on a bag ban, but taking a walk on the dune destruction.


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