Tuesday, April 21, 2020

80 year old St. Augustine Beach City Manager refuses to stay at home, won't answer e-mails

Maladroit St. Augustine Beach City "Manager" BRUCE MAX ROYLE (1990-2020) is 80 years old.


  • won't quarantine at home, violating Governor DeSANTIS' order re: people over age 65. 
  • disrespects First Amendment and Sunshine rights, planning a January 29, 2020 meeting without public comment until I complained to the Mayor and Vice Mayor and Commissioners, informing the State Attorney General's office.
  • disrespects Sunshine rights, refusing to answer public and Commissioner e-mails.
  • has no pandemic plan.
  • has no emergency plan.
  • won't attend daily St. Johns County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) meetings.
  • is a developer doormat, making possible the execrable oversize Embassy Suites;
  • covered up sexual harassment or fraternization by two successive Building and Planning Directors.
  • allowed deficits in fund balances two years in a row.
  • blocked forensic audit Commissioners agreed to last year.
  • is blatantly insubordinate, refusing to fulfill his Charter duties or Commission directions.

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