Sunday, May 17, 2020

CHANCELLOR WILLIAM LEE PROCTOR RETIRES -- Flagler College Chancellor Under Fire For Retaliation, Harassment

Does the air seem cleaner? Are the birds chirping more happily? Is our politics in St. Augustine getting cleaner, not meaner? Is there a reason for the season?

FLAGLER COLEGE, INC. Chancellor WILLIAM LEE PROCTOR has retired.  So did his extra special friend, MARY JANE DILLON, Executive Assistant, and so did JAMES SPRINGFIELD, Human Resources Director.  Efforts to obtain comment were unavailing from Flagler College President JOSEPH JOYNER or his janissaries.   There are no e-mail addresses listed for PROCTOR or DILLON any longer and their former telephone extensions go to a general mailbox without a personalized message.

The PROCTOR LIBRARY at Flagler College is named for WILLIAM LEE PROCTOR, widely regarded as the "meanest man in St. Augustine."  A legend in his own mind, the Republican Lord of All He Surveys, sadistic PROCTOR shut down the Spanish Colonial Garden, banning the public 364 days a year, preventing them from seeing the sculpture of Queen Isabella.  He once told Judith and Anthony Seraphin and me that he walled in the garden  to "keep out drug dealers."  He lied.  In fact, PROCTOR was working hand-in-glove with City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS to deny artists and musicians a safe space where they could perform without being harassed, intimidated and arrested by overzealous St. Augustine Police, who once functioned as First Amendment violators.

Flagler College is facing a federal court jury trial next year after filing a removal petition to federal court, which will now hear both state and federal claims in the case of Dr. Tina Jaeckel, Ph.D.  The complaint was initially filed in St. Johns County Circuit Court, but FLAGLER COLELGE, INC. lawyers removed it to federal court based upon federal questions presented.  The complaint has since been amended to include allegations of libidinous loutish behavior by faculty members  tolerated, including JOEL BOLANTE, PROCTOR's friend and the longtime UnderSheriff of St, Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, who legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994.

A former City Commissioner and a former four-term Florida state representative who said the only reason he ran was to keep a Democrat from being elected, PROCTOR is feared.  He fired faculty members and students, ruling Flagler College with an iron fist. He will not be missed.

FLAGLER COLLEGE's provincial, bigoted local business owner Board of Directors has perpetrated willful, heedless massive destruction of trees and historic properties, while gaining approval for a 20,000 square foot building on Cuna Street, when other sites were available for a Communications Building (such as the nearly-empty St. Augustine Record building at SR 207 & SR 312).

PROCTOR is neck-deep in allegations of covering up and retaliating against professionals raising concerns about a hostile working environment and sexual harassment of students.

I look forward to viewing the deposition and trial in federal court on Dr. Jaeckel's second amended complaint, filed after overcoming objections by FLAGLER COLLEGE, INC., which may be read in haec verba here

Republican dirty trickster ROBERT THORNTON SMITH (left) with WILLIAM LEE PROCTOR
(Photo credit: Maureen Ortagus)

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