Friday, May 15, 2020

The Ugly Americans Are Baa---ack in St. Augustine, Florida

I was just at CVS in St. Augustine Beach, Florida, where four extra-large tourists from a neighboring state that was once a British prison colony, unadorned by a single mask for COVID-19 protection, cut in front of me at the checkout line. I let it go. Blessed that the tourists are coming back with their money. BUT can't we do more with signage on mask-wearing? Perhaps those ugly billboards could be re-purposed for something socially useful for a change?

Seriously, GANNETT, CBS and other oligopolists in the market for billboards -- do something socially useful today. PSAs for PPE.

Perhaps one of the current renters of billboard space will be so kind as to donate it for PSA on PPE, aimed at inconsiderate tourists who need their consciousness raised. Now.

Otherwise, perhaps we could institute a colonial dunking booth in the Colonia Quarter, to help rubes conform to rules enacted for the preservation of life and health.

Just kidding. We love our tourists. Every ton of them.

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