Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Opinion Surprise, surprise: Florida leads the nation in Jan. 6 defendants. (WaPo)

Good column by Washington Post contributing columnist Lizette Alvarez, former Miami Bureau Chief of The New York Times.

Footnote:  At St. Johns County Commission on November 1, 2011 --  the year before Tea Party fanboy RON DeANTIS was elected to represent St. Johns County in Congress -- Tea Party called ma and others supporting a St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore "Communist and Nazi," comparing me to "Hitler, Stalin and Goebbels." In early 2013, after a meeting with DeSANTIS's staff at their office across from St. Johns County Jail, I overheard them say DeSANTIS would not support the National Park and Seashore because the Tea Party opposed it.  DeSANTIS is an extremist and so are so some of his misguided misanthropic supporters.  Pray for them.

Opinion Surprise, surprise: Florida leads the nation in Jan. 6 defendants

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