Wednesday, May 04, 2022

SILVERLEAF, with 400 voters, gets its own precinct -- Developer is State Senator TRAVIS J. HUTSON -- Rotten or pocket borough?

Elected with developer financial support in 2020, St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections VICTORIA OAKES a/k/a "VICHY OAKES" wrongfully withheld documents from County Commissioners and citizens alike on her choosing what she called "my new voting precincts," effective 2022-2032, despite my Open Records request last month. 

St. Johns County Commissioners voted 4-0 to approve the new precincts at their May 3, 2022 SJC BoCC meeting. (Commissioner Paul Waldron's absence was excused.)

Before incurious Commissioners voted in lockstep, without legal advice, to approve our new precincts at their May 3, 2022 St. Johns County Commission meeting, Ms. OAKES sprung a plethora of explanations for "her" new precincts.

She said she desires to be creative and "visionary." 

That's a switch.  

I've found VICHY OAKES to be a proverbial cognitive miser, in the past, for years resisting adding an early voting precinct for St. Augustine and West Augustine until after I filed complaints with the Justice Department Civil Rights Division Voting Section, 2006-2020.

So now she's a "visionary?" Mutatis mutandis, she pulled a fast one and got Commissioners to approve "her' new precincts without providing documents on her selection process or outside assistance. 

She added an entire new voting precinct for State Senator TRAVIS HUTSON's SILVERLEAF development, which has only 400 registered voters.  HUTSON proposed=s a vastly expanded SILVERLEAF DEVELOPMENT, seeking to add 2300 acres and 5600 dwelling units.

  • It costs $32,270 to open a new Election Day polling place.
  • It's our money.
  • There were no pertinent Commissioner questions.
  • HUTSON COMPANIES, allied developers and their keiretsu generously support our County Commission campaigns.
  • Some Commissioners appear to be bought and paid for, or at least rented.
  • Developer puppet Commissioner CHRISTIAN WHITEHURST said, "I'm so glad you're my Supervisor" (stated oleaginously by the pie-faced Commissioner, ala Eddie Haskell from "Leave It to Beaver").
  • SILVERLEAF expansion is on the agenda for the May 17, 2022 County Commission meeting. 
  • The SILVERLEAF expansion might not take place until 2030 at the earliest.
  • Its premature consideration was a Christmas gift to HUTSON December 21, 2021.
  • SILVERLEAF expansion was approved by Commission then but rejected by state officials, who sent it back, as expected.
  • Thus, is VICHY OAKES assuming massive expansion before the Commission and courts get to rule on the matter is a case of assuming facts not in evidence, wasting taxpayer money on an extra precinct when none may be needed?
  • Is this SILVERLEAF 400 voter precinct a "Rotten or Pocket Borough," like the wealthy had in Great Britain until the 1800s? 
  • Is this a case of Commissioners and TRAVIS HUTSON & Co. "counting their chickens before they hatch?" 
  • Is this another example of what Senator J. William Fulbright called "The Arrogance of Power?"
  • Is this yet another example of HUTSON's influence on one-party RINO rule by hick hack Tammany Hall huckster style local government officials? 
  • Is St. Johns County -- even our Supervisor of Elections office -- now run for the benefit of rapacious land-raping developer billionaires (and half-baked half-billionaires like DAVID HUTSON & CO.), organized criminaloid personalities, whom sagacious former County Commission Chair Ben C. Rich Sr. once called "worse than any carpetbagger?"
  • This subtle corruption of our government by the wealthy and their corporations is indefensible, and must be ended at once.  


Rotten and pocket boroughs

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