Monday, July 11, 2022


The United States Department of Energy (DOE, or "Denier of Everything") in Oak Ridge, is offering $15 tours of DOE sites. 

These are the radiologically and chemically contaminated nuclear weapons plant sites that are being cleaned up in the wake of then Rep. Al Gore's July 11, 1983 investigative hearing, where I testified and called for criminal prosecution of mercury pollution of the land and workplace air by Union Carbide and federal managers responsible for poisoning the land and people of East Tennessee, including the world's largest mercury pollution event (4.2 million pounds), declassified May 17, 1983, in response to our Appalachian Observer newspaper's November 1982 FOIA request.) 

As my mother would say, "how trite."

Bus tours by DOE in Oak Ridge of its contaminated "legacy" sites,  by contractors.

From The Oak Ridger: 

DOE bus tours begin July 11

The Oak Ridger

The American Museum of Science and Energy Heritage Tourism tour bus stop during a previous year.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge office has announced the opening of the DOE Public Bus Tour, operated by the American Museum of Science and Energy Foundation.

DOE will welcome the first guests for the season next Monday, July 11. Each tour leaves from the American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) and stops to explore three key locations associated with the Manhattan Project: The K-25 History Center, ORNL Graphite Reactor, and CNS/Y-12 New Hope Center.

"Tour guides walk guests through an incredible history that saw the dawn of the nuclear age, the end of a world war, and amazing innovations that continue to this day," the news release stated. 

The tour costs $15 per participant and tickets can be purchased online. Limited tickets will be available the day of the tour. The tour begins and ends at the American Museum of Science and Energy located at 115 Main Street East, Oak Ridge. 

The tour from July 11 through July 30 will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

From Aug. 1 through a date to be determined in November, to be determined, the tour will be Monday through Friday.

To register for a tour, go to

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