Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Healing Here: Hurrah! Greg White La Florida Award, City Commission Consensus Against Overdevelopment

Lovely St. Augustine City Commission meeting last night, where the City's highest award, the

La Florida Award, was presented to Greg White by Mayor Tracy Wilson Upchurch, who told of being White's boyhood friend, and watching as Mr. White was warned away from whites-only water fountains.  Upchurch is the scion of segregationists,  Mayor Upchurch's father and grandfather were both racists, both Democrats and both served as State Representatives in Tallahassee (as did Upchurch himself).  As a sign of growth, it was Mayor Upchurch who nominated his boyhood friend for the La Florida Award.  When posted, do watch video here:

Later, Commissioners discussed sprawl and overdevelopment, responding to the August 23, 2022 vote of the people of St. Johns County, electing Krista Keating-Joseph. 

All Commissioners agreed with Commissioner Barbara Blonder, a Flagler College environmental science professor, to speak to St. Johns County Commission September 20, 2022 in opposition to the industrial park that would swallow prime farmland historically connected with St. Augustine.

Concerns were expressed about the future of Hastings, whose high school is tbhreatened with demolition demanded by the other-directed school board and developers. 

Overdevelopment has no constituency. 

Democracy is very much in style this fall -- stay tuned.

Photos from City of St. Augustine:

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