Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Sheriff Getting Body-worn Cameras and Dashboard Cameras

St. Johns County Sheriff's deputies will soon sport wear body-worn cameras and their patrol cars will soon dashboard cameras. 

Thank you.  It's the standard of care for law enforcement, and long overdue.

I asked September 6, 2022 at the first of two annual TRIM hearings. Chairman I. Henry Dean asked Sheriff Robert Hardwick to come to the podium, and he reponneded in the affirmative. 

Once again, the voice of the people has been heard and heeded. 

Corrupt former Sheriff DAVID SHOAR said in 2016 that he "rejects the false narrative that cops need to be watched."  

County residents, Commissioners and law enforcement have roundly rejected that pompous platitudinous poltroon's pestiferous ukase. 

Like Banqo's Ghost, there seems to be a spirit haunting the St. Johns County Sheriff's office -- the mean spirit of former Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, who legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994.

Footnote:  I did not report the news about body cameras and dashboard cameras on this blog until yesterday. I watched and waited.  No press release from the County or Sheriff.   

Not wanting to toot my own horn, I decided to wait to see what, if anything, the incredible shrinking St. Augustine Record would report.  

Absolutely nothing. 

The Record's reporter omitted the news from her pro forma story, which read like a press release. 

People have been asking, "Where is Sheldon Gardner?"  

Nowhere to be seen.  


Left her a message earlier today.  

No response.  

And where is John Dunbar, the new Editor since August 15, 2022?  

The Record's creaky telephone system does not recognize his name. 

Efforts to reach him by email are unavailing. 


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Anonymous said...

Yay more surveillance and now no one will talk to the police and some will not call. Well done...