Friday, September 02, 2022


Deputy JEREMY BANKS still on the payroll of the St. Johns County Sheriff, with a gun and a badge? 


Despite two judges finding probable cause that BANKS killed Michelle O'Connell, our corrupt criminal injustice system here in t. Johns County never indicted or tried him.  

Sheriff DAVID SHOAR told some 600 deputies in 2013, "I've known [JEREMY BANKS] family for a long, long time". Instead of doing time, SHOAR is also on the loose at our community, glowering at me at breakfast last week.  I wear his scorn as a badge of honor.

Thanks to Walt Bogdanich, Glenn Silber, PBS Frontline and the New York Times for bringing the news about Ms. O'Connell's murder to the world -- news that First Coast News investigator, Anne SchiNdler, then editor of Folio Weekly, first broke in 2011.  

Kudos to FDLE Special Agent Rusty Ray Rogers for doing his job without ear or favor, for which Sheriff DAVID SHOAr tried to ruin his life and career, seeking his firing and prosecution, and engaging in barratry (stirring up lawsuit) by encouraging BANKS to hire lawyer MAC McLEOD to file a baseless civil rights lawsuit.

Kudos to United States District Court Judge Brian J. Davis for dismissing BANKS' lawsuit, finding there was probable cause that BANKS killed Ms. O'Connell.

Kudos to soon-to-retire County Court Judge Charles J. Tintin for ordering search warrants for BANKS, finding probable cause that he killed Ms. O'Connel.

Kudos to Nancy Shaver for her 2013 St. Augustine Record letter in support of justice for Michelle O"Connell.   She was later elected Mayor three times, with retaliatory SHOAR and his henchman, former City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS (a/k/a "WILL HARASS") dropping a money bomb on her, noted in The New York Times in 2017.

Kudos to the O'Connell family for their persistence -- there is no statute of limitations for homicide.  SHOAR showed his contempt for their rights when he accused them of "molesting" Michelle's body bt having it exhumed and autopsied.  The independent autopsy found Michelle's jaw was broken before she was murdered.  

The late corrupt District 23 Medical Examiner Dr. PREDRAG BULIC, M.D. said that the injury on Michelle's eyelid was self-inflicted, also claiming that the gun recoiled forward, false medical findings that were used to claim suicide.  Anyone who has ever fired a gun knows that guns don't recoil forward. Watch the video of BULIC spewing this nonsense to New York Times investigative reporter Walt Bogdanich, a three time Pulitzer Prize winner.  Our local newspaper here in St. Augustine for years whored for SHOAR/HOAR, depriving the people of information about the political machine's nature, structure and performance. 

Supercilious disgraced ex-Sheriff SHOAR is a synecdoche for the corruption of developer dominance of our government.  Sheriff SHOAR told me that "developers are pretty nice people," at a June 2, 2017 League of Women Voters program at St. Augustine Beach City Hall. 

Political prostitute DAVID SHOAR legally changed his surname from "HOAR" in 1994.  

Who is SHOAR/HOAR to lecture us about the developers who bought him and other Dull Republican politicians? This superficial, patronizing pompous porcine political prostitute was recorded on FBI surveillance tapes discussing with the late corrupt developer lawyer GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE their overweening desire that County Commissioners mind their place and not ask questions. 

Read about the FBI tape of Sheriff SHOAR plotting with developer mouthpiece GEORGE McCLURE to subvert democracy here and read full transcript here.

Say no to to fast-buck overdevelopment and its devastating effects: neighborhood flooding and the land-raping, multinational corporations' Butcher's Bill of dead wildlife, dead trees, forest clearcutting, wetland-filling, wildlife-killing, road-clogging, flooding, ugliness, portable classrooms, bad planning, waste, fraud, abuse, misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance, flummery, dupery and nincompoopery.  

These are among the results of undisclosed developer money contaminating our political campaigns, with craven, for-sale politicians "selling their wares" to developers.

We deserve a government as decent and as caring as the good people in our county.

For better government, I support a referendum for a County Charter to limit the ability of corporate oligarchs to run St. Johns County. We need more watchdogs, an end to cronyism, greater transparency, and an independent ombudsman.  

We need lobbyist registration, blocked by PATRICK FRANCIS McCORMACK, the former County Attorney and the "stakeholders" (or stakeholders) -- lobbyists he enlisted to work with former Commissioner JAY MORRIS to block this needed reform. 

Do we need  an Ethics Board and an Environmental Regulation Commission?

You tell me.

Our corrupt political machine in St. Johns County has much to answer for -- come speak out at St. Johns County Commission on September 6, 2022, when our budget and tax rate will be decided in the first of two TRIM hearings.  

Sheriff ROBERT A. HARDWICK needs to answer for his actions, including breaking campaign promises to provide body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras.

HARDWICK got his job as Sheriff with considerable support from SHOAR/HOAR. In 2016, SHOAR stated in a debate against Debra Maynard that he rejects the "false narrative that cops need to be watched."

Commissioners who are mere cat's paws need to be replaced, like JEREMIAH RAY BLOCKER, whom We, the People ousted August 23, 2022, selecting Krista Keating-Joseph to replace him as the Republican nominee, tantamount to election under one-party rule still in force here, as evidenced by constant rubber-stamping and clearcutting, killing wildlife and changing the character of St. Johns County, our beloved "God's country," faster than a speeding dump truck.


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Yeah there's a guy who never got the much needed mental health care he in he just never went or when he did go they just blew smoke up his ass and took his money.

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Yeah St Augustine is where conservative Republican mummies go to wither... while Bill the Buzzard McClure circles overhead. Won't you cut him in for just 1% of your estate so he can fight "the radical left" "in the name of Jesus."