Sunday, October 01, 2023

Former County Administrator HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD Still Using County Address for Florida Bar! 94 days after he quit before firing!

Florida Bar Rules require licensed attorneys to give prompt notice of change of address. 

Today, October 1, 2023 -- 94 days after he quit before being fired without complying with the notice requirement terms of his contract -- disgraced former County Administrator HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD is still using his former work address with the Florida Bar.

I raised this issue at the September 19, 2023 County Commission meeting,  

No response from five (5) seemingly superficial, supine, somnambulistic St. Johns County Commissioners. 

You have the right to remain silent, folks, but we wish you wouldn't.

These are the five (5) all-l Republican County Commissioners who voted to continue their Nixonian secrecy and dirty tricks with an oath of omertà, rubber-stamping CONRAD's proposed unconstitutional gag order purporting to bind all County employees (CONRAD's mutual nondisparagement clause) and paid CONRAD some $178,000,

Was this waste, fraud, abuse?  

Did these five misguided Republican County Commissioners actually suppose that they could silence 1400 County employees with CONRAD's self-serving "mutual nondisparagenent clause?"

Are you kidding me?

As of 8 AM, today, October 1, 2023, why is HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD is still using our County Administration building as a mailing address!


Is this fraud?

Fun fact: seated second from left in 2016 TRUMP campaign photo (next to developer-Senator TRAVIS JAMES HUTSON) controversial resigned former St. Johns County Clerk and Comptroller and failed former County Administrator HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD was an unindicted coconspirator in a 2019 federal bribery case.  The indictment was handed up in Chicago, before five all-Republican County Commissioners named unqualified CONRAD as St. Johns County Administrator, The process was contaminated by political influence and discrimination  (unadorned by an application, advertisement, other candidates, or even a background check, which would presumably have revealed the Chicago federal grand jury's allegation that "Clerk E" took $8000 in campaign contributions from PENN CREDIT CORP. and DONALD DONAGHER, JR., "intended as a bribe."

Hunter S Conrad

Member in Good Standing 
Eligible to Practice Law in Florida 


500 San Sebastian Vw
St Augustine, FL 32084-8686

Office: 904-209-0530

Saint Johns





Anonymous said...

Does disgraced ex-commisioner and Crescent Beach wine bibber Bill McClure AkA Billy the Bamboozler still live at 105 Marine Street?

Anonymous said...

Yeah tell them about liberatarian Ed Slavin AkA Tea Party Ed. Not a public pool can be found in the county thanks to Trump Tax Cut Ed. Voted to cut taxes for the rich in St John's County. The poor aren't eating out every night and buying hotel rooms for $200-400 a night... but the out of town rich don't pay shit compared to everywhere else because of Tea Party Ed. Yeah lucky to have a DMV, forget about affordable housing, because of Tea Party Eds mentality and the conservatives who love Ed just for that one reason.

Ed Slavin said...

A. Trick question. McClure never lived there. He was a political tourist with a room in a guest house.
B. Public swimming pools operated by City and County at Willie Galimore Center and Solomon Calhoun Center.
C. Our all-Republican St. Johns County government of developer-directed Commissioners tolerates, suffers and permits waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement, no-bid contracts, embezzlement, flummery, dupery and nincompoopery.
D. My 104 questions for FY 2024 TRIM hearing were never answered.
E. $786,785 of embezzlement 25 feet from Sheriff David Shoar's office over five (5) years, undetected by malfeasant County officials and auditors.