Friday, November 10, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: SJC's flawed process to amend Comprehensive Plan brackets Thanksgiving holiday

Two were appointed by Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS and one was his Congressional staffer ab inittio. These three corporate cat's paws support overdevelopment in St. Johns County.  Unjust stewards of worker and environmental protection -- it's time for them to go! 

Maladroit all-Republican St. Johns County Commission affording us only a few weeks for public comment, showing contempt, bracketing Thanksgiving? Are they kidding? How gauche and louche. Insufficient time for public comment. A badge of fraud? County amends Comprehensive Plan at the drop of a hat, recently granting dozens of waivers to Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, controlled by self-aggrandizing narcissistic Gate Petroleum billionaires HERBERT PEYTON and JOHN PEYTON (former Mayor of Jacksonville). I've filed to run for County Commission, seat 5. It's time for a change. Enough flummery, dupery, nincompoopery, deforestation, wetland-filling, wildlife-killing and sprawl.

Respond by Nov. 30, Listening and Learning Opportunity:
As St. Johns County prepares to begin the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan beginning this year and its inaugural Strategic Plan in 2024, it is engaging with its community through a new Listening and Learning Opportunity. The online opportunity offers eight questions for the public to answer and provide feedback.

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Anonymous said...

Public comment is just to make it seem like you're participating in what they're doing. Jokes on you buddy. They already have their minds made up before the meeting starts and you won't convince them of much. They've already made their arguments elsewhere and you weren't involved. Must be a conservative Republican to get in on those debates.😆