Thursday, February 15, 2024

City police arrest public works director for drunk driving (Historic City News)

TODD GRANT, P.G. was a consultant to the City of St. Augustine on state and federal investigations of citizen concerns about the City's illegal dumping of a landfill in a lake (Old City Reservoir).  At Judith Seraphin's "Stop the Dump" meeting at St. Paul A.M.E. Church January 10, 2008, GRANT arrogated to himself a card table blocking the entrance, with sign-in sheets and "Hello My Name Is" tags.  I told him this violated First Amendment rights in a church,.  People have a right to attend public interest group meetings without surveillance by government.  One of the church members, Joseph Anthony Seraphin, moved his card table to the northwest corner of the church.  Whereupon GRANT, undeterred, circulated a clipboard with the sign-in sheet in quo. Another attendee placed the sign-in sheet in her briefcase.  I asked GRANT that night about the porosity of the coquina (.47) in the Old City Reservoir.  He said he was "not prepared to address the porosity of the coquina in that pit."  Jesus wept. TODD GRANT, P.G. was later hired as a City employee, promoted, praised and made a director under controversial City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E.   REGAN ended the custom, usage, practice and procedure of DUI case fixing in St. Augustine, commencing with his righteous refusal to fix the 2011 arrest of then-Commissioner ERROL DONLEVY JONES (first of twelve arrests before JONES' death).

From Historic City News:

City police arrest public works director for drunk driving

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