Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Leon County commissioners unanimously approve formal apology for past slavery, racism. (GANNETT/Tallahassee Democrat)

Will St. Johns County apologized for slavery and racism?  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,. said St. Johns County was "the most lawless" place in America. Without irony, St. Johns County Commissioners in 2021 adopted County Administrator HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD's a kookie county bicentennial slogan, to wit, "200 Years of Excellence," which papers over slavery and Jim Crow segregation.  (CONRAD was later fired, but for other reasons). From Tallahassee Democrat/GANNETT: 

Leon County commissioners unanimously approve formal apology for past slavery, racism

Arianna Otero. 
Tallahassee Democrat    Leon County commissioners have apologized for the county's history of slavery and racism.

Commissioner Rick Minor shared how the resolution was necessary, explaining that the pain experienced in the past transcends generations.

"We all have the opportunity to close that terrible chapter of our history, not to forget about it ... and start the healing process," Minor said.

Proctor said he looks to memorialize the apology by submitting it to the Meeks-Eaton Black Archives.

February 20, 2024

At their Tuesday meeting, commissioners unanimously voted on the resolution, which was first brought up at their annual retreat last month.

The resolution serves as both an apology and works to "affirm Leon County's commitment to advancing equality and ensuring protection of the fundamental rights of individuals regardless of race, color, religion or national origin."

Commissioner Bill Proctor, who pushed for the resolution, shared that the legislation made him emotional and that it was a "significant statement of the bicentennial year of our county and a statement to the future ... that we recognize what our county has been."

The county's apology comes after Tallahassee's First Presbyterian Church unveiled a plaque apologizing for that church's history of racism.

First Presbyterian Church will dedicate plaque acknowledging racism on Jan. 21, 2024.

Commissioner Nick Maddox acknowledged how people need to look back on moments they “don't want to think about” but how those moments still shape them.

"[You] can't erase history as a commissioner ... what you can do is know that you've done something that just might not have been right, take responsibility for it, and apologize," Maddox said.


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Bob said...

SJC engages in covert and colorblind racism. There never were many problems so those problems require no solutions. Or, those problems have already been remedied and there are no problems. To the conservative Republican, there's only officially two kinds of people. Criminal and noncriminal. Just so happens, conservative Republicans are never those criminals. Even J6 they tried to cover up and forget about the day after it happened.