Thursday, February 01, 2024

"Only a few troublemakers opposed us."

Upon his 1945 arrest, Nazi war criminal ERNST FRIEDRICH CHRISTOPH "FRITZ" SAUCKEL told the arresting officers, "only a few troublemakers opposed us."  Ann Tusa & John Tusa, The Nuremberg Trials @ 38. 

Nazis kidnapped and enslaved millions of people in forced labor camps and Nazi arms merchant factories.  Nazi Labor Minister and Gauleiter FRITZ SAUCKEL was convicted and executed for these war crimes at Nuremberg on October 16, 1946.   

"Only a few troublemakers opposed us."

That's what DJT, DeSANTIS and other unAmerican authoritarians say, and think.  

It's the prevailing attitude at bad governments whenever unAmerican misanthropes are in charge.

"You're standing in our way," some autocrats say and think in these one-party places.

It's the sort of trite trope used to isolate and gaslight persons engaged in First Amendment protected activity.

We heard it expressed when WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS was the unseemly St. Augustine City Manager.  One of his poltroons stable of City Commissioners even taunted activists after an election when apathy and ignorance auto-re-elected several of the bunch, with SUSAN BURK expressing the view that the election returns must mean people were delighted with HARRISS' regime, most noted for its.nastiness and for dumping a landfill in a lake. 

We meed a functioning local political system, not a one-party SJC oligarchy dominated by inauthentic, unresoonsive autocrats, as FDR and Dante would say, "frozen in the ice of their own indifference."

We reject the autocrats and all their works and pomps.

Remember the Holocaust, the Confederacy, Southern Jim Crow law, and what one-party rule produces. 

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Mark said...

Beware of those who make exaggerated claims of domestic communism threat. Nobody is calling for a planned economy or elimination of private property. The Nazis also made exaggerated claims of communism to stoke fear, anger, and to justify violence and takeover. Learn to identify fascist propaganda.