Sunday, March 13, 2016

City, County, Sheriff blocking your Right to Know

With the FBI investigating local corruption, some local governments have done what they do best (since 1565): SECRECY.

It's Sunshine Week. What is there to celebrate?

Our City of St. Augustine has recently dug in its heels, providing unresponsive replies to Open Records requests solved by an unnamed, unknown weird agent, to wit, a person or robot signing themselves as "Public records custodian." Wonder why?

Illegal and inflated fees are being quoted for records requests. Wonder why? City Hall is resisting Mayor Nancy Shaver and our community's demands for reform. We need City Charter amendments to stop the inanity and insanity flowing from City Hall managers.

What do y'all reckon?

Our St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners and Sheriff DAVID SHOAR feel empowered to violate Open Records laws routinely. Wonder why?

We need a State's Attorney with guts who will act as a tribune of the people, prosecuting white collar crime and corruption, including any and all violations of Sunshine and Open Records laws.

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