Friday, March 11, 2016

Halfway There: Honoring Civil Rights Heroes Harry and Harriette Moore in Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol Buildng

Halfway there: Governor Scott has signed into law a bill removing the statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby-Smith from Statuary Hall Washington, D.C., clearing the way to selecting a new statue, hopefully of Harry and Harriette Moore, NAACP activists who registered 100,000 African-Americans in Florida i the 1940s, worked for equal teacher pay, and investigated every lynching from 1941-1953, when they were murdered by dynamite exploded under their bed on Christmas Day 1951 (her birthday). General Kirby-Smith was most noted for having ordered the murders of African-American Prisoners of War during the Civil War. His connection to St. Augustine, Florida was de minimis, having left at age 12 to go to boarding school and West Point. 
The Moores were friends of my late mentor, Stetson Kennedy: his deathbed wish was that the Moores be hoboed and remembered.
Let's do it.

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