Friday, March 25, 2016

McLEOD FB Ad May Violate Ethics Rules

Lawyer ROBERT LESTER McLEOD, II a/k/a "MAC" McLEOD paid for a "Sponsored" supercilious Facebook ad today, kvelling about a six-figure jury verdict in Palatka. He may have violated Florida Bar rules on lawyer advertising.

He's representing St. Johns County Sheriff's Deputy JEREMY BANKS and Deputy Scott O'Connell in lawsuits against FDLE Special Agent Rusty Ray Rodgers -- retaliation for Special Agent Rodgers doing his job "too well" in investigating the September 2, 2010 shooting death of Michelle O'Connell in BANKS' home. Color McLEOD conflicted, conceited and money-hungry (but not necessarily in that order). His appearance on the Dr. Phil program showed his smugness and meritless bullying of the Michelle O'Connell family. How gauche and louche is Mr. McLEOD? Off-camera, he angrily threw an object at a tv crew member. He helped the Chamber of Commerce lobby for criminalize art and music in St. Augustine. He's quite a critter. Here's his Facebook ad:

The McLeod Firm
10 hrs ·
We completed our auto accident personal injury trial in Palatka yesterday on behalf of our amazing client, Brenda Harmon, against State Farm insurance co. A very engaged and great Putnam County jury returned a verdict of $685,800.00 for Brenda in response to the evidence and law. We are extremely pleased for Ms. Harmon, an incredible mother, veteran educator and wonderful sister and daughter. What a blessing to represent someone like her and so good to have this occur where it all started for me at the Putnam County Courthouse.
Kudos to partner Seth Dempsey for being spot on with every legal issue and trial work and to Maleah Rix, Maja T and Donna Hartley for making it all happen. Best team anywhere.
At last Brenda Harmon will receive the compensation she deserves and continue her march towards getting better.

Here's his post-midnight Facebook rant to my question, "Did he violate Florida Bar rules on lawyer advertising?$FILE/Adv%20Handbook.pdf…"

Mac McLeod
Mac McLeod Really, are you insane? I mean, it is obvious why your ethical practices caused you to be disbarred and you are allowed to practice law, nowhere, but, you really should try and get some mental health counseling for your delusional thoughts. Or, perhaps more helpful, get a job once you get a grip on reality.

My "ethical practices."  Now there's a Floridian-Freudian slip.  Yes, I was ethical, representing whistleblowers, including judges and law enforcement.  I paid the price for it.  McLEOD hates me.  I wear his scorn as a badge of honor.  Little MAC, you've bullied good people for long enough.  I hereby challenge you to a public, televised debate on the Michelle O'Connell case.

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