Dear Fellow Citizens,
Serving as a law enforcement officer for the past 35 years here in St. Johns County (four years as Chief of Police and 12 years as Sheriff) has truly been an honor. When I moved here from Massachusetts at the age of 19 and began my career working in construction, little did I know of the journey to come. 
Once again, I seek your support to serve as your Sheriff. You have elected me to this office three times, and each time I have reinforced the original commitment I made to you: to do everything in my power to deter crime in our county, and when it occurs, to find those responsible and bring them to justice. I also committed to always do the right thing for the right reasons and to pay special attention to our most vulnerable citizens: our youth and our elderly. My final commitment was to be honest and forthright in all my efforts and to make decisions based on what I felt was right at the time, absent of any malice or political expediency. Once again, I affirm these commitments. 
During the past 12 years at the Sheriff’s Office, we have made tremendous progress in many areas, and because of this progress, our agency enjoys a sterling reputation statewide. Everything we have been able to accomplish has been because of the wonderful men and women who work at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office and because of our wonderful community. 
I would be honored to once again receive your support and your vote in the upcoming election on August 30, 2016. Please free to call on me any time—there are several ways to contact me on this website, and I am one of the few Sheriffs statewide who has a published home phone number. Thank you and God bless!
David B. Shoar

What our community leaders are saying...

“I have worked with Sheriff Shoar for many years on various projects to improve our community. His experience, professionalism, and dedication to law enforcement exemplify his qualifications to serve all the residents of St. Johns County with integrity and compassion. Please join me in voting for David B. Shoar for St. Johns County Sheriff.”
— Cathy Brown - Executive Director (retired), St. Johns County Council on Aging

“Sheriff Shoar has been an incredible partner to the St. Johns County School District for his entire career. The leadership he provides has made our schools more secure and has provided our children the opportunity to maximize their learning in a safe environment.”
— Joseph G. Joyner - Ed. D. Superintendent, St. Johns County Schools

“I have served side by side with Sheriff David Shoar during his entire 35-year law enforcement career here in St. Augustine. David is one of the brightest individuals I have ever served with. He is recognized at the local and state levels as a visionary leader who treats people with compassion, dignity, and respect. David has dedicated his life to protecting the vulnerable against bullies and always speaks the truth, even when it is difficult to do so.”
— Loran Lueders - Chief of Police, City of St. Augustine