Friday, March 11, 2016

Election Supervisor Suppresses Voting Rights (by Bruce Kevin Bates)

So I went to do early voting today, only to find out I was "not in their system," but my wife was. Which is funny because both my wife and I officially changed our voter registration when we officially made St. Augustine our homestead two years ago. Both of us even voted in the last election here.

As it turns out, I had forwarded my mail from St. Augustine to Tallahassee last year for a couple months, while I was working on the house we own there. I then switched my mailing address back to St. Augustine.

Apparently someone in the St. John's County election office took it upon themselves to remove me from St. John's voters registration system, because I had my mail forwarded for a couple months.

I wonder how many other people who are/were officially registered here but live in other places part time during the year (ie Students) are being dropped from St. John's County rolls and being disenfranchised from voting?

Note: They were able to reinstate me on the rolls after I filled out another registration form. It took about 10 minutes for them to correct their error.

Bruce Bates

(No response yet from estimable Supervisor of Elections VICKI OAKES)

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