Friday, March 25, 2016

WFCF back on the air

Flagler College Radio (WFCF-FM, 88.5 FM, "Radio with a reason," on "I heart radio") is back on the air, as of 6:21 AM.
It went silent on March 24, 2016 at or about 2:50 PM.
Welcome back!
Flagler College will be required to explain to the Federal Communications Commission, upon its license renewal application, why it affords no local news, no local public access, while affording a weak, wimpy, weekly public access program to the City of St. Augustine (pathetic Public Affairs Director PAUL WILLIAMSON's weekly interview program, "The Break Room," as louche and lousy a PR vehicle as ever existed anywhere).

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Anonymous said...

You may also want to look into "I Heart Radio". It was something set up by Clear Channel Communications a while back. I assume the station was off the air, because it was Spring Break? And the students were all out-of-town?