Saturday, March 05, 2016

JIM WILSON Is St. Aug. Beach's New City Attorney

Former St. Augustine City Attorney James Patrick Wilson was hired March 2, 2016 as the City Attorney for the other itty-bitty city, St. Augustine Beach. 

The vote was unanimous, with the hiring at $3000/month, effective in 30 days.

After seven (&) years of being advised by a conflicted lawyer who also represents developers, St. Augustine Beach Commissioners have  come to its senses.  

They hired an experienced attorney with nineteen years experience of advising Florida cities (West Melbourne and St. Augustine).  

Asked by City Commissioner Sherman Gary Snodgrass why he left as St. Augustine City Attorney in 2006, Jim Wilson said that the City of St. Augustine "dumped a landfill in a lake," didn't consult him in advance, and that he figured it was "time to move on."  

I spoke in favor of Mr. Wilson's hiring in public comment: in my experience, he always responded promptly to questions, and he and his new law firm will not represent developers.

Congratulations, St. Augustine Beach Commissioners, for taking another step to preserve "our village," as County Commission candidate Henry Dean called it during successful efforts to adopt a 35 foot height limit by referendum.  

Another victory for the public interest (even if The St. Augustine Record did not cover the meeting).

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