Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trials Set in Wendler Lawsuit: Speculator Demands to Demolish Nine (9) Historic Homes

Prospective developer DONNA WENDLER et ux have a non-jury trial on liability set for July 11, 2016 and, if liability is found, a jury trial set for September 12, 2016 in Circuit Court in their Bert J. Harriss, Jr. Private Property Protection Act case against the City of St. Augustine.  It is apparently based upon an invalid legal premise -- that there was some sort of reasonable investment-backed expectation that the speculators could demolish nine (9) historic homes to build a massive hotel on two-lane King Street, destroying yet another residential neighborhood -- Flagler Model Land Community -- in the name of greed.

A Commissioners' Shade Meeting is set for 4 PM on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 4 PM, in a meeting with defense counsel from Marks Gray and with the City Attorney and Assistant City Attorney.  If Commissioners approve any sort of settlement, it would be discussed and voted on in the open following the Shade Meeting, authorized as an exception to Florida's Sunshine Law. The meeting is transcribed by a court reporter, and the transcript will become public record once the litigation is over.

In the immoral words of the great American diplomat, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, "Not one penny for tribute.  Let's take these speculators to trial and not pay Danegeld to speculators and their mouthpieces.  St. Augustine is worth saving from dodgy developers.

P.S.: Perhaps Commissioners agreed: no settlement was presented in the public meeting.


By the way, the Wendlers' litigation team now includes landowner DAVID HUTSON's son, TREVOR HUTSON, 29, brother of State Senator TRAVIS HUTSON.  Small world. 

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