Saturday, March 05, 2016

"PERFECTLY Legal?" So WHAT? Flagler College and Toms River author DAN FAGIN

FLAGLER COLLEGE guest lecturer, DANEIL FAGIN, a 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner and NYU professor of journalism no less, said February 11, 2016 that the pollution by Union Carbide and Ciba-Geigy of public water supplies in Toms River, New Jersey, killing children, never prosecuted, resulting in small settlements, was "perfectly legal."  As my mother would say, "How trite." FAGIN rightly regretted Flagler College's omitting Q&A from his lecture, substituting only pre-selected student questions, with FAGIN resisting the obvious implications of the question about corporate accountability.  How gauche and louche to have a "college" sans academic freedom.

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