Saturday, March 18, 2017

JOURNALISTIC MALPRACTICE? 70 Words and "Thumbs Down" Show Record Editors' Malice and Bias on Michelle O'Connell Case

Thumbs down The St. Augustine Record Editorial Board, your 70 words accompanied by a dismissive"thumbs down" on charges against two autopsy physicians in the Michelle O'Connell case.

Your 70 words suggests you are still all-in on supporting retaliatory St. Johns County SHERIFF DAVID SHOAR, who is badly in need of legal advice and psychiatric help.

Here's the offending editorial excerpt in the March 18, 2017 St. Augustine Record:

For findings by a state medical examiners commission that will lead to disciplinary action against two local medical examiners for their handling of an autopsy of Michelle O’Connell in 2010. Her death was ruled a suicide, but her family continues to deny that possibility, arguing that she was murdered by a boyfriend and deputy sheriff. This will do little to put the family at ease, or Michelle’s memory to rest.

How noisome and nasty.

We know about your arrest and plea bargain, JAMES SUTTON, Record "Opinion Editor."

Your slimy supine support for the arresting agency head and State's Attorney is understandable, yet despicable.  You are in no position to write pompous propaganda about Sheriff SHOAR.

Arrest photo
St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff SHOAR's St. Augustine WrecKord Editorial Board ("Idiotorial Bored")


Anonymous said...

Ed, This is where you lose me and lose have a generally well written a valid point then you take the low road...veer deep into the tall weeds of mud slinging and completely lose all espect and credibility by attacking Sutton by posting his arrest picture.

Sutton's arrest has absolutely nothing to do with either your point or story...attacks such as you just made have no place in the media.

Shame on you for lowering yourself to such utter nonsense!

Ed Slavin said...

SUTTON and the Record have covered up for SHOAR, which is truly shameful. Would SUTTON do so if the Sheriff and State's Attorney did not extend him favorable treatment on his DUI? Dare to think for yourself.