Sunday, March 19, 2017

Red light camera ban before Florida House of Representatives Wednesday, March 22

Good riddance! We, the People, including longtime resident Robert Kahler, helped persuade Commissioners, who stop red installation of red light cameras in St. Augustine Beach. SAB Police Chief ROBERT HARDWICK's cheesy effort to inflict red light cameras, which increase accidents, eliminate traffic stops of speeders and allow profiteering by a company half-owned by GOLDMAN SACHS. HARDWICK put the matter on the St. Augustine Beach Commission agenda after meeting friendly lobbyists at a police convention, one of several examples of vendors being allowed to yammer without end before the SAB Commission. Hint to Commissioner SHERMAN GARY SNODGRASS: your meetings run long because you allow influential one-percenters like the sleazeballs from the red light camera lobby to speak to Commissioners without even a wink or a nod at time limits applicable to the 99%

AP: House to take up red-light camera repeal
Posted: 2:24 PM, March 17, 2017
Updated: 2:25 PM, March 17, 2017
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The House on Wednesday is expected to take up a bill that would ban red-light cameras in the state.

The bill (HB 6007), which has easily passed House committees and is slated for a Wednesday floor session, would repeal a law that allows cities and counties to install and use red-light cameras.

The ban would take effect July 1, 2020. Some House Republican leaders have long been critical of red-light cameras, which they argue have become a revenue source for local governments.

But the issue has stalled this year in the Senate.

A repeal bill (SB 178) failed to get approval last month from the Senate Transportation Committee, which deadlocked 2-2 on the heavily lobbied issue.

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