Thursday, March 09, 2017

Shark in Wal-Mart Parking Lot Story Says A Lot About St. Augustine Record, Sheriff Spends-a-Lot Shoar

Snarky article -- let 'em eat handouts from St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, eh, Craig, Tony, Will, Derek? What kind of shark?  Was it an endangered shark, fishing for 25 species of which is prohibited in Florida waters?  Did the State of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission do anything about it other than dispose of the corpse?  Was there a necroscopy?  Did anyone determine what species the shark was?  And why was no paperwork filled out for the other shark found in Vilano Beach?  Why is the Record so ingloriously, incoherently, ignorantly incurious about all things related to rebarbative, retromignent St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR?  Even GANNETT's First Coast News asked more questions.
We know SHOAR is soft on environmental crimes, as proven by his being in bed with developers who commit them.  We heard SJSO environmental crimes division's hostility and unwillingness to do anything in response to my reporting in February 2006 a landfill dumped in a lake on orders of St. Augustine City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS, who promoted SHOAR to run St. Augustine Police Department (after SHOAR changed his surname from HOAR).  
HARRISS now works for SHOAR and both serve on the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.  
There is no body camera video of the Wal-Mart parking lot shark find.  Sheriff SHOAR disdains body cameras on deputies, which prevented us from having Deputy Barney Fife's or Gomer Pyle's view of the shark scene at the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Was Deputy JEREMY BANKS on the scene?  Maybe he shot the shark twice, missed once, and called it a suicide.
Or perhaps the uniformed, uninformed deputy or deputies in quo questioned the shark the way one did to the five august members of the Anastasia Mosquito Control Commission of St. Johns County circa July 2007, "What's going on here? Who's in charge!?" (upon being illegally summoned to the meeting by AMCD Chair BARBARA BOSANKO, spouse of former County Attorney DAN BOSANKO) in response to our continuing criticism of the illegal, no-bid helicopter purchase with the encouragement of SHOAR's department -- she told former U.S. Army Capt. Don Girvan, "I'm calling the cops!")

SHARK IN A SHOPPING CART? Store employee reports unusual catch

Posted March 8, 2017 04:59 pm - Updated March 8, 2017 05:39 pm

SHARK IN A SHOPPING CART? Store employee reports unusual catch

A St. Johns County sheriff’s deputy responded to a strange call Friday afternoon when an assistant manager at Walmart on U.S. 1 called authorities saying she had found a 4-5 foot dead shark in the store’s parking lot.

In his report of the incident, the responding deputy noted that the shark was in a shopping cart near an RV that was parked in the lot.

The assistant manager said she called authorities because she didn’t want to throw the animal in the trash.

The deputy called the owner of the RV who said he was from West Virginia and in the area looking for work. He told the deputy he heard noise outside his RV early that morning but assumed it was employees gathering carts. When he left the RV to go to work later in the morning, the man said he saw the shark on the hood of his RV so he placed it on the ground.

The deputy called officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who arrived at the lot and removed the shark for disposal.

The Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that another shark was also found Friday in a driveway off 2nd Street in Vilano Beach, but no report of that incident was filled out.

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